Release 2.3

Modified on: 2021-05-07 15:15:49 +0200


This is a brief overview of all the new functions and fixes, that are available in this version of SmartKnowledgeHub. For more information on any topics regarding the Portal ('Back end'), as well as many other details regarding the application, please (also) refer to the extensive documentation available at

Please note that Release Notes are subject to change, until the Release itself has actually taken place.

Release Schedule:

  • Date: 28 April 2021
  • Time: 8:00-9:00 (AM), CET


Front end (‘Web’)


We added additional search options.

Elements - Easy Edit

You can now not only easily create, but also update Elements, in the front end / Web.

Custom Icons

You can now choose from specific icons, as an alternative to uploading a specific image, or no image at all, when creating Elements. This way, you overwrite the default way in which contents are displayed (icon- / image-wise).

Describing Elements

There is an additional field available for Elements, in which you can enter a brief description. This is intended to bridge the gap between the short Title, and the actual contents, themselves..

Easy Upload: User Experience

We strongly re-designed and improved the way in which users can create Elements and Thinx, in the Web interface.

Standard Icons

We updated the images that are displayed by default, for 'file' Elements, specifically PDF files and Microsoft Office Content.

Back end (‘Portal’)

Promote any content

You can now also promote Elements, as well as Playlists.

Bulk change Elements

In addition to creating a large number of Elements or Thinx, at the same time, we now also enabled users to change a lot of Elements, at the same time. Specifically, you can change the Publish/Unpublish and Public/Private values of multiple Elements, simultaneously.




  • Bookmarks for Playlists can now be removed.

  • Fixed the scenario in which Thinx could not be deleted, if there were only deleted Elements linked to that Thinx.

  • Scrolling through external content has been re-enabled.

  • Fixed a specific problem where unpublished content was incorrectly displayed within Playlists.

  • Missing translations have been added.

  • Session handling for images has been improved.

Known Issues

When scaling the SmartSearch page to a certain width, the new filters are overlapping into the 'Bookmarked and pinned content' section.

When embedding multiple levels of content in one another, then you get a double header message 'click here if the site does not work', for 'deeper' levels of 'external content' (i.e. websites), as well as a double Disclaimer message in the footer.

Promoting an Element is not possible, at the moment.

Hotfix planned for Monday, 3. May, resolving the following issues:

  1. When switching the 'Creator' filter, it might not actually run the search query again, as it should. Workaround: reload the search page (i.e. press the F5 key).
  2. When adding a description while creating an Element in the Frontend (FE) / Web, this description is not saved.

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