Release 2.1

Modified on: 2021-03-10 16:49:39 +0100


This is a brief overview of all the new functions and fixes, that are available in this version of SmartKnowledgeHub. For more information on any topics regarding the Portal ('Back end'), as well as many other details regarding the application, please refer to the extensive documentation available at

Release Schedule:

  • Date: March 10th 2021
  • Time: 22:00-23:00 CET


Front end (‘Web’)

Easy creation of Elements and Thinx

You can now create Elements and Thinx, directly inside the frontend of the application, provided you have the necessary permissions for this. This feature has been designed to be fast and easy: you only need to enter the most important information; details can be changed in the Portal later.

Public content: share knowledge with anyone

Playlists and Elements can now be set to be public in certain places within the Portal. This enables you to share this content by means of a public link that anyone can open, i.e. even users that are not logged on. Private sharing is still supported, and should be used as an alternative to the public sharing option, in case any learning progress needs to be saved.

Barcodes and AI Search

Barcodes as well as the AI Search were formerly only available in the SmartKnowledgeHub app, and can now be accessed, directly within the main application. If you don’t have a camera (e.g. on a desktop computer), you can  still use the functionality, simply by uploading an image, instead.

Direct Links

It is now possible to link directly to all kinds of content, without getting a separate login prompt or being redirected to the Library page.

Back end (‘Portal’)

Mass Import and Mass Deletion

You can now create (import) Elements and Thinx ‘in bulk’, by means of uploading CSV files. You also can delete multiple Elements at the same time.

Projects & groups

Several improvements have been made to make it easier to assign groups to projects, and vice versa, making it much easier to get & keep a grip on displaying and hiding certain content for certain users.


Back end ('Portal')

Public content: reporting

As seen above, content can now be set to be public via the Portal. We have also added a new report that collects data on the use of public content, even if it is being viewed by anonymous users. Just contact us if you would like us to activate this report within your specific environment, as well.

Tag handling

You now can choose a Tag or Thinx and easily assign it to different content objects.

Improved handling of Projects & e-Learnings

Several improvements were made in order to ensure that Projects are saved correctly and that it easier than ever to work with SCORM content.


No major bugs were present in the application. A number of smaller errors have been discovered and fixed.

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