Release 2.8.1 (Bugfix)

Modified on: 2021-09-02 11:17:22 +0200


Please note that Release Notes are subject to change, until the Release itself has actually taken place.

Release Schedule:

  • Date: August, 18th
  • Time: 8-9 am CET


  • Frontend: added Delete Button for Playlist
  • Frontent: Green / grey "Status Button" is missing
  • Session Timeout handling


  • Frontend: Translation: "Create"-Button has wrong translation (Same String as Navigation "Manage")
  • Frontend: Search: Filtering on "My Creations" does not work
  • Frontend: Search: Bookmarking has no feedback
  • Frontend: Search: Does not always trigger by clicking a on tag
  • Frontend: Session refresh does not always work

  • Backend: Group permissions cannot be applied in certain conditions

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