Release 2.4

Modified on: 2021-05-20 14:38:47 +0200


This is a brief overview of all the new functions and fixes, that are available in this version of SmartKnowledgeHub. For more information on any topics regarding the Portal ('Back end'), as well as many other details regarding the application, please (also) refer to the extensive documentation available at

Please note that Release Notes are subject to change, until the Release itself has actually taken place.

Release Schedule:

  • Date: 26 May, 2021
  • Time: 8:00-9:00 (AM), CET


General Improvements

Redesigned Playlists and added options

We overhauled the way in which Playlists are displayed, and how they (can) function, exactly. They now not only look better, but also offer you to set a value that determines if the 'playback' starts immediately, once a Playlist is opened, or if the user will get an overview page, first. Also, you can now add and change descriptions and tags for Playlists.

Rapid processing of changes

You can now see your changes much faster, and reflected within the application, (almost) immediately. In other words: when creating or updating content, under most circumstances, you will be able to find that content by means of the SmartSearch, right away, or no more than a few seconds later. Please note that it can still take some time for certain changes to be processed, such as for larger content, like some videos, as well as for processes that take longer to complete, like transcribing a video.

Thinx become Playlists 2.0 - Phase I

Thinx are now deprecated and will be replaced by Playlists 2.0 soon. This major change has been prepared by disabling the creation and import of Thinx, by making it optional to link Thinx tags (SmartCodes) to Elements, and by disabling the (bulk) create options in relation to Thinx. Also, when synchronizing with SharePoint, SmarterPath and SmarterTour, Thinx have been replaced by Playlists. A preliminary full release, i.e. a complete migration of this functionality, is planned for the end of June.


We made some changes to ensure the application performs better, overall, and in relation to learner states, in particular.

Front end (‘Web’)

Search Suggestions

We have added a real-time display of search results, that appear & change right when you enter (more) text in the SmartSearch field.

Increased relevance of results

The way that the relevance for SmartSearch results is calculated has been improved, which now makes it even easier than before to find exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Create & Edit Playlists

You can now not only add and update Elements, but also create & update Playlists - for now, only as part of the 'Elements process'. Creation is possible using the 'Create SmartCode' functionality. In addition, when you look up a Playlist using SmartSearch, you now also have an 'Edit' button for that content, as well, allowing you to change all kinds of parameters that define that Playlist, which includes the Elements within that Playlist, as well.

Delete Elements

It is now possible to delete Elements, as well, in addition to creating & editing them.

Stabilized public content

We have added additional checks in order to ensure that public links/codes are correct, and that they are loaded & displayed, accordingly, once they are opened.

Optimized uploads

The process to upload certain files, particularly images and videos, has been reviewed and overhauled, and is now more reliable than ever before.

Status assistance for e-Learning modules

There are now further assurances, aimed at helping users to ensure that they get the correct status for SCORM courses that they are closing.

Back end (‘Portal’)

Dashboard / standard Report overhaul

When first loading into the application, a fully refreshed standard Report is now available, by default. Users can also reach this content by manually navigating to the Dashboard, using the button at the top right of the screen, as well as by opening the Reporting section by clicking the corresponding menu item on the left side of the screen.

Disabled creation of Elements

You can now no longer create Elements within the Portal section of the application. It is still possible to edit Elements, here. In order to create Elements, users can use the corresponding section within the Frontend/Web side of the application, instead.

Removed superfluous functions

At least for now, we have removed some of the functionality relating to the some more advanced, but rarely used options within the application, in order to further enhance the overview. There is now no longer a 'Training' tab within the 'Register' section, and there is no longer any Visiondata for Thinx.

Clarified Certificates

We updated several aspects regarding the way Certificates are managed, so the overall process is more clear, and so that it is a lot easier to have Certificate Management correspond to your exact requirements. For example, the dates involved in this process are now automatically set to today, by default.


  • Unpublished content can now no longer be accessed by means of public links that was retrieved when that content was still published.
  • Resolved an issue where large amounts of text caused the application to no longer process any changes to the corresponding content.
  • When checking if an internal system link can be embedded, no feedback was provided, to the user. The expected message has now been added.
  • Fixed an issue where uploads/changes of images and other files were processed slowly, or even not at all. 
  • Within the Portal, when editing a Playlist, the selected language was only set properly, and is now displayed accordingly, as well.
  • Resolved a technical problem relating to certificate templates.
  • While importing Elements, the application now also correctly checks, if the entered language code is supported.
  • Improved the behavior of the overall application, in relation to a host a minor issues.

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