Release 2.2

Modified on: 2021-03-29 09:55:03 +0200


This is a brief overview of all the new functions and fixes, that are available in this version of SmartKnowledgeHub. For more information on any topics regarding the Portal ('Back end'), as well as many other details regarding the application, please (also) refer to the extensive documentation available at

Release Schedule:

  • Date: 24 March 2021
  • Time: 22:00-23:00 CET


Front end (‘Web’)

Download SmartCode

For the publicly accessible Thinx, you can now also download a corresponding SmartCode.

Easy Images

When creating elements, you can now also upload an image, at the same time.

Easy public Thinx

Thinx can now be set public directly after creation.

SmartCode file names

Downloads of SmartCodes now have more meaningful file names.

Back end (‘Portal’)

Extended control of content restrictions

In addition to Projects, you can now also configure the visibility of Elements, Thinx, and Playlists for certain user groups. Please note: this feature is exclusively available for those contents that are only available internally.

More Smartcodes

SmartCodes can now also be generated for Projects and Playlists, in addition to Thinx.

The order of Elements

Elements can be given a 'weight, in the form of a number. Based on this number, the order in which they appear in publicly presented lists (based on Thinx) can be controlled. This 'sorting prioritization' feature is expected to be improved further, in the future.


Front end (‘Web’)

URL validity checks

External links can now be checked to see if they can be displayed in an iframe or not.

Back end (‘Portal’)

URL validity checks

External links can now be checked to see if they can be displayed in an iframe or not.


A number of smaller errors have been discovered and fixed.

Known issues

  • It is not possible to remove a group, if it still has specific content linked to it, i.e. an Element, a Thinx, or a Playlist.
  • When logging out of the Web (front end) environment at, then reloading the application (even after a browser restart) and then clicking 'sign in' again, users are not presented with any of the login options ('tell us which company', 'select account'); the user is still logged in. Only removing the site data (cache & cookies) resets this process.

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