Known issue: a survey limits options to edit/copy a Path

Modified on: 2020-06-16 17:10:24 +0200

We generally provide the best software quality we possibly can. Unforfunatly, there is no bug-free software. This is why we transparently provide information about known issues, and how to work with our application(s), despite them.

When you are trying to update or remove a survey from a Path (or if you try to copy the Path, afterwards), the Path is loading infinitely, or produces an 'unable to load' error.

Root Cause

Related survey data (i.e. a minimum of 1 response to the survey) already exists. The issue can be reproduced as follows the issue:

1. Create (and publish) a Path, and make sure to include a Step of the type 'Survey'.

2. Open the Catalog, start the Path that includes the Survey, and complete it.

3. Go back to 'Manage Paths', edit the Path, delete the Survey from the Path.

4. Observe the issue: the interface is loading indefinitely, or throws an error 'unable to load Path data', after a while.

How to fix / Workaround

This is how to apply the workaround that is available, while we work to fix this issue:

1. Contact Pokeshot with a request to reset your Path.

2. Await confirmation of the reset from Pokeshot.

3. Go back to 'Manage Paths', click 'Settings' and then select 'Copy Path'.

4. Delete the survey, update the Path and publish the new version.

Permanent Fix

Will be made available for & rolled out to all of our customers & users, as soon as possible. The main challenge here is to facilitate comprehensive updates to your learning processes, while ensuring data quality, specifically Reporting functionality.

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