Known Issue: integrated video not available

Modified on: 2020-06-16 17:04:55 +0200

We generally provide the best software quality we possibly can. Unforfunatly, there is no bug-free software. This is why we transparently provide information about known issues, and how to work with our application(s), despite them.

Every once in a while, users can be faced with a message "Video is not available at the moment. Please try again later", whenever a video (i.e. from the library, or an online source such as Youtube) is integrated within a Path, and users try to play the video.

Root Cause

Under investigation. Occurs very infrequently, making reproduction of the issue (very) challenging.

Seems to occur with older Paths only / in particular.

Previously applied fixes seemed effective, but the issue somehow re-appeared, anyway, after a while.

How to fix / Workaround

There are two main workarounds available.

1. Disable the option that forces users to complete the Milestones & Steps within a Path, in order 

a. Go to 'Manage Paths'

b. Open the Path, or select 'Settings' and then 'Edit' 

c. Click the 'Content' tab

d. Make sure the Path property 'Participant must complete Steps in order' (at the top) is unchecked.

2. Create a new Path and re-embed the video. Optionally, you can copy an existing Path ('Manage Paths', 'Settings', 'Copy Path') in order to make this easier. 

Permanent Fix

Will be made available for & rolled out to all of our customers & users, as soon as possible.

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