Known Issue: Problem with Sharepoint Security Token

Modified on: 2020-03-12 16:38:25 +0100

While we try to provide the best software quality possible - unforfunatly there is no bug-free software. This is why we try to be transparent and provide a list of known issues and how to solve them. 

Currently with SmarterPath 1.4.x (see release history) users might see the error screens below occasionally. These errors occur when Sharepoint could not provide a security token for SmarterPath.

Example Error Screens*:

*You might see variations of these error screens. E.g. you will not be able to Edit a Path, ....


SmarterPath as a Sharepoint add-in is relying on the underlying tSharePoint echnology  and it's infrastructure. Microsoft provides a programming libraries to handle the communication layer between an  Add-in like SmarterPath and Sharepoint. Microsoft has recently revised the communication libraries and we need to re-incorporate these into our product. This is a process that takes some time and needs extensive testing.

How to fix / Workaround

While we are working with a very high priority to provide a permanent fix for this problem, here is an easy workaround when running into this issue and are not seeing a user in the upper right window. Just follow these steps:

1. Clear Site Cookies (see example screen below)

2. reload page

This will remove your session cookie for SmarterPath and force Sharepoint to re-issue a new user-token.

Permantent Fix- Roadmap

While we understand that the fix above is not the best user-experience we are working very hard to  permanently resolve with issue. Here is the according release planning: 

Release 1.5.0

With this release we will provide a revised error page that provides action buttons where we try to handle to remove the site cookie. This fix this will work in most cases - however it will not work for all users as this depends the users your browser settings. If you keep running into these pages more than 5 times please try to use this fix / workaround descibed in the previous section. More about this Release:

Release 1.5.1

With this release we will provide a permanent fix to resolve the Root-Cause for this problem. Keep an eye on our Product Updates Section get get the latest infos on the planed releases:

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