Installing Apps in Microsoft Teams

Modified on: 2020-02-19 12:29:21 +0100

In order to install Apps such as SmarterPath and/or SmarterTour directly within the Microsoft Teams Desktop application, first, please check to see if the App is available in the MS Teams App Store.

Alternatively, please contact your personal Pokeshot representative in order to obtain the latest install package of the App you wish to integrate within your Teams Desktop clients.
The actual installation process is detailed in Microsoft documentation. Please follow the steps here:

Please find a quick impression of the installation steps below. Please note this is valid for the scenario where you do not install from the Store, directly, and at the time of writing this article - always refer to the latest Microsoft documentation for the most accurate and complete information

1. Navigate to the App Store.

2. Select "Upload a custom app".

3. Select "Upload for {your organization}".

4. Select the package.

5. Follow the instructions that are presented to you.

6. Optionally, consider adding the application to a Team, or doing something similar in order to further integrate the application into your overall business environment.

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