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In order to fully install & acitvate SmarterPath for Office 365, please follow the guidelines below.

1. Go to

2. Consider the prerequisites and ensure you meet them before installation.

3. Refer to the more detailed Installation Instructions below, and follow the steps (primarily those under Chapter 3).

4. In order to install the SmarterPath Teams App (i.e. the Teams Desktop client), please visit the Microsoft App-Store to install the App. Please refer to the general guide in our HelpDesk "Installing Apps in Microsoft Teams".

5. In order to work with our Wizards, and to learn how to generally import existing Paths, please follow the instructions here:



Please follow the instructions below in order to install SmarterPath on your SharePoint site. Please note that the installation process can be started by a SharePoint site administrator but an Office 365 administrator is needed to complete the installation process. 


1. Navigate to your SharePoint Team site where you want SmarterPath to be installed.

2. Click Settings and then Add an app



3. Click on SharePoint Store.


4. Search for „SmarterPath“ in the SharePoint Store. 


5. Click Add to start the installation process. 


6. Click Trust It in the pop-up window. 



7. You should be redirected to the Site contents page of your SharePoint site. (If not click Site contents in your SharePoint site) Please note: the Add-in SmarterPath is grayed out until the installation is finished. Please refresh the page if needed, and then click on SmarterPath in the content list. 



8. After you click SmarterPath in the SharePoint site‘s content list, the following window will appear. If you are a Microsoft Office 365 Administrator, click Authorize SmarterPath.


9. Select the appropriate Office 365 administrator account and sign in.

10. Review the app‘s permissions and click Accept. Find the current permissions here.



11. Once you have successfully completed the authorization process, you can close the window shown below and begin working with SmarterPath. Please note: the first user of SmarterPath is given admin rights to the Add-in. A SmarterPath admin can assign admin and creator rights to other users once they have opened SmarterPath and the Add-in has recorded their credentials as a registered user.

Afterwards, the Setup interface should appear as follows.


12. The first time you (and any other user) opens SmarterPath a pop-up window appears, providing you with a brief description of the purpose of the Add-in.



13. Click the red X to close the pop-up window and return to SmarterPath‘s landing page: Home



14. The installation of SmarterPath also includes three pre-created paths. Click on Menu and then Catalog to access each one of the Paths.


Note (SmarterPath Administrator or Creator roles only):

  • You can use and/or edit these paths depending on your needs. If you delete a path then it is permanently removed from your SmarterPath.
  • If you don ́t want a path to be live to everyone who has access (all people in the SharePoint site where it‘s installed) you can select “Draft” under each path‘s Settings menu.

Additional Information
If you purchased SmarterPath (versus installing it for a 30-day trial), please click Menu and then Global Settings (only Office 365 administrators have access) to add your license key. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes to process the authorization; this is why it‘s possible for a user to get the following error even though he/she is an Office 365 administrator:


You have now SUCCESSFULLY installed SmarterPath.    


In case you have any questions and/or remarks, please feel free to contact us via the Pokeshot Helpdesk.         


Your Pokeshot SmarterPath team



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