Importing Wizards

Modified on: 2020-07-02 15:59:03 +0200

How to import ready-made (yet customizable) Wizards in SmarterPath for Office 365.

The following steps provide you with instructions on how to import Wizards that Pokeshot can provide you with at your request.

The default SmarterPath installation already includes a few example Wizard Paths.

If you would like to order one or more of our other pre-defined Wizards, or at least receive an overview of the latest ones available (first), please refer to the information and contact options here:

Alternatively, you can always consider the following (in this order):

  1. Get in touch with your Pokeshot contact(s), directly:
  2. Send us a Support request through the Portal on this website:

Please note: upon request, we can also adapt individual components of the Paths to your corporate design.

You will receive the additional SmarterPath resources, and possibly a non-binding quote, as soon as possible.

Importing Wizards in SmarterPath 

Open the SmarterPath application and click on the following:

Menu > Global Settings  > Wizards 

You land on a page presenting all the Sharepoint pages where the Wizards can be installed.


Please note: it is important to realize where you want to install the Wizards, and to act accordingly. At the top of your screen, you can see the SharePoint site you are running SmarterPath in/on. On the Wizard page in SmarterPath, you should see this SharePoint site, as well as any other different Sharepoint sites that are available (in relation to SmarterPath):

Depending on the SharePoint environment that you would like to add the Wizards to, click on “DE", "EN”, or on both, depending on your language preference.

Within a few minutes you will notice a small change: the selected languages are now displayed within the 'installed' column, according to your choice (for example, in this case, only one language has been chosen):

In this case both languages have been chosen:

The imported Wizards are now saved and ready for use within all the SmarterPath installations you have loaded them into (depending on SharePoint environment). 

You can run the Wizards from within your Catalog, and edit them under 'Paths'.

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