Printing (or saving) Path content

Modified on: 2019-12-12 16:10:32 +0100

Files integrated into a Path as Office Content cannot be printed. You can open files such as a PDF in a separate browser window, or even entirely different application, and then print them. In order to do so, you can consider embedding the PDF within a separate JIVE document (page), and then open the file from there. It comes recommended to always guide the user as much as possible by adding more explanations to the community content, while it is created and used.

Guidelines to printing content, that cannot be printed while it is embedded within a Path:

  • Add a file (e.g. a PDF) as JIVE content;
  • Add a step before the step containing the actual file, and include a short text field that explains the upcoming step - for example: Open content in new window. Open and review the content from there. If you want to print the content, download it by clicking on the file name and icon within the bottom left corner of the Community page;
  • Add Community Content as a step and choose the right file - ignore any message, that the content will not display;
  • When you now start the Path and proceed to the step in question, you will notice that the file itself will in fact not be displayed properly, but now you can open the content in a new window to display it, and download (or immediately print) the file.

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