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SmarterTour for Teams – Quick User Guide 

SmarterTour for Teams consists out of two Components:

  1. SmarterTour Browser Extention for Teams (Browser Version) 

SmarterTour helps you to easily learn and train Microsoft Teams. SmarterTour is a Browser Extension running in your Browser Version for Teams. Goto to our website for more information: or watch this 2 min Video:




  1. The SmarterTour Teams Apps


The Teams App allows you to simply open the Browser Version of MicrosoftTeams from your Teams App -so you can start your Teams training in the Browser.





Click on the icon of Mr Smart which is outlined in red to start SmarterTour. It will open Teams in a new browser window and start the tour.




Have the SmarterTour Browser Extension installed for your browser of choice: These are the Download links: 

  1. Chrome 
  2. Firefox: 
  3. Edge: 





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