Customer Dashboard

Modified on: 2020-02-24 14:48:52 +0100

We implemented a Customer Dashboard for SmarterTour, where you can manage Tours independently. It includes options to turn Tours on and off, and to customise the text within Tours. 

You should receive the details required for accessing your own Customer Dashboard soon after ordering your SmarterTour license. Alternatively, please contact your personal Pokeshot representative, and they will send you your account information, as soon as possible. 

The first landing page of the Customer Dashboard contains links to your Account page, as well as to the Tours

On your Account page you can track the number of used licenses, when your license expires, and the license key, itself: 

On the My Tours page, all available Tours are listed: 

Switching between the On/Off buttons in the Active column makes a certain Tour (un)available within the SmarterTour extension. In the example below, all Tours are active: 

Switching between the Standard and Customized selection will either apply standard Tours, or set the Tour to its customized version. In the example below, one Tour has been set to 'Customized'. The "Name" column shows that the name of the Tour was changed (below the original, i.e. Standard name of the Tour). The "Your last change" column indicates the date and time when the Tour was last changed. 

The Plus / Edit button next to the 'Customized' button will open the Tour page. The difference between the Plus and Edit buttons is that 'Plus' directs you to a Tour that has so far been left unchanged, whereas 'Edit' signifies that the Tour has already been updated, at some point.


The screenshot below gives you an impression of what the Tour page looks like. As soon as you make any changes to any field within Customized column, the Tour will use your text, instead of the text under 'Standard'. Don't forget to save your changes!

On the My Tours page, you can use the Search function. This function covers the Tour names, but also the texts withins Tours.

At the bottom of the page, you can find a Help and explanations section, where you can find answers to most common questions. One such question is about Tours that are marked in red. These highlighted entries indicate that the Standard Tour has been updated after the most recent update within the 'Customized' column took place. This does not interfere with the functionality of the Tours, itself, but modifications should always be checked, in these cases.

In case of further questions, there's also link to the Pokeshot Helpdesk, where, among other things, you can create a Support request.

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