Customer Dashboard

Modified on: 2019-07-04 16:17:25 +0200

In the Release we have implemented Customer Dashboard where users can adapt Tours' texts. It includes turning on/off standard Pokeshot or customised by a user wording. 

After purchasing a Plan on Pokeshot site you should get two emails. First email has license key for the extension, link to the Customer Dashboard and a password to it. Copy password, hit the link to the Customer Dashboard and apply the email address you used for purchase to login into your personal account: 

First landing page of the Customer Dashboard contains links to your account page as well as to the tours

On your account page it's possible to track number of used licenses, the date until the license is valid, and the key itself: 

On My Tours page all available Tours are listed: 

Switching between On/Off toggles in Active column shows whether a certain tour is available in the extension. Currently, all tours are active in the extension: 

Switching between Standard/Customized will apply standard tours wording or it's possible to make own adjustments. In the case below Customized tour is visible in the extension. "Name" column shows that the name of the Tour was changed. "Your last change" column depicts the date and time of the tour changes. 

The Plus / Edit icon near to Customized toggle will address to the Tour page. The difference between Plus and Edit icon is that Plus directs you to the tour where no changes were made yet. Edit icon will show you that some changes were already done in the tour. 

This is how the tour page looks like. As soon as you start typing in Cusomized column, the tour will use your text. Don't forget to save changes afterwords! 

On My Tours page you can use search function. It will search not only through the Names but also from the Tour texts: 

At the bottom of the page there's Help and explanations section where you can find answers to most common questions, one of which is the red marked tours. Entries marked in red indicated that the original Tour has been changed since last custom adjustments. It doesn't interfere with the functionality, however still the modifications should be checked. 

In case of further questions, there's also link to Pokeshot Helpdesk, where you can raise a ticket. 

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