Installation Guide

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1.    Browser Extension

SmarterTour is a browser extension for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer is not supported, please refer to Edge.

The Extension consists of a central file in JSON format (The manifest file). As soon as a user has installed and activated the browser extension, it is displayed on the web pages where the corresponding Tours are stored.

2.    Security

The SmarterTour source code has been signed by every browser provider and was subjected to a security certification. The official signature of each browser confirms that it is a secure extension.

3.    Installation

Installation is executed via the Web Store of each browser. Depending on the browser language settings (German or English), SmarterTour will appear in the corresponding language.


The extension can be downloaded and added to the browser by clicking the following link to the Chrome web Store: Alternatively, you can search the Store for 'SmarterTour'.

In order to start using SmarterTour, the license should be validated. You can obtain a license key from Pokeshot.

After adding SmarterTour to Chrome, click on the SmarterTour icon to the right of the address bar (at the top right) and click 'Options':

In order to use SmarterTour the license should be validated which is provided by Pokeshot employee:

After the License validation, the available Tours will automatically be loaded and therefore be visible to you:


Have fun with SmarterTour and MS Teams in Chrome!


The SmarterTour extension can be downloaded from the firefox Add-On Website: Please enter 'SmarterTour' in the search field: 

Alternatively, you can use the direct link Either way, you should land on the SmarterTour page of the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons website:


Click on 'Add to Firefox' (or, in this case, on the German site, 'Zu Firefox hinzufügen'). This should trigger a pop up message, asking you if you are sure you would like to add the exension. Click on 'Add':


Click on 'Options' for more information, and, in particular, to validate the license that was (or can be) provided to you by Pokeshot:


Since the License is not validated yet, no Tours are available:


Once a license key has been entered and validated by means of clicking 'Validate', the Tours that are available to you (linked to your license key) will beccome visible:


Have fun with SmarterTour ans MS Teams in Mozilla Firefox!

Edge Chromium (new)

Please note that the SmarterTour installation procedure for the latest versions of Microsoft Edge is exactly the same as it is for Chrome (please see corresponding section above).

In order to install SmarterTour for older (legacy) versions of Edge, please refer to the method outlined below.

Edge (Legacy)

SmarterTour can be found via Microsoft search (


This is what the SmarterTour store page looks like. Hit the 'Download' ('Herunterladen') button:


After hitting the Download button, the Microsoft Store Window will be opened. Click 'Install' ('Installieren'):

As soon as the Installation process is over, you should get a message confirming that the extension was installed:

By clicking 'Start(en)', you should see on the upper right hand corner of the browser that the extension is already present and available for use. To start the application, click 'Turn it on':


After turning the extension on, it will unfold from the SmarterTour icon in the Edge menu bar. Click any Tour (e.g. Create group chat or Manage files). In general (for example, for Tours relating to Microsoft Teams), this will immediately open the corresponding page and start the Tour.

In order to obtain access to more Tours, the license should be validated (or updated). You can contact Pokeshot to get a license, or to upgrade an existing one. Click the SmarterTour icon in the Edge task bar again, and click 'Options'. You can enter a license key here:

And have fun with SmarterTour and MS Teams in Edge!

Note: when the SmarterTour extension is running in relation to Microsoft Teams, it adopts the language that Teams is set to (in this case, Germany/German).

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