SmarterTour Glossary

Modified on: 2019-05-09 09:41:31 +0200

There are 3 different types of items you will see by using the Microsoft Teams extension. Their role is to simplify you learning process of the App.

Extension Options (top right in browser)

On the top right of a browser you'll see all Tours available to you with the current license. 

Available Tours

List if available tours is located on the right side of Microsoft Teams. It can have unfolded or folded view. 



Info item

It's used to inform you by explaining some definitions or buttons’ function of the Teams panel:

Or to attract attention: 

Timeout message appears after 30 seconds standstill 

 Some additional notes in the redline box

Action item

There are 2 types of the red arrows: 

and sdf

The principle of both of them is same: to ask you to take an action. By clicking on the (i) symbol you will see the further explanation what you can get by this action: 

Video item

In order to ease the understanding of what the Tour is about or to repeat what you have been taught during the Tour, you’ll be presented a short Microsoft video with a detailed explanation of the main Tour feature: 

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