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Import Path Feature Guide

The following steps give you the instruction how to import Pokeshot’s pre-created Paths and Wizards.

Please visit our homepage . Here you wil get the catalogue of the Paths and Wizards to import.

You can set the filters – language and category – to ease the search.

In order to see what the specific wizard is about, just click on the pointer of the box. There are some wizards and paths that are free for you. You’ve already received them per installation of SmarterPath on your SharePoint site automatically. But if you want us to send it one more time, just add them together with the other wizards and paths to the contact field. Check the box on the right for each Wizard you want to order.

All chosen wizards will be put into the contact form automatically. Please fill all the required contact fields and submit your request. Our team will prepare a non-binding quote for your selected Paths. 

Please note: upon request, we can also adapt individual components of the paths to your corporate design.

Import Wizards in SmarterPath

Open the SmarterPath Add-In and click on the following:   Menu > Management > Paths > Import Path

Click on “select file” and choose the JSON file for one Path.

An overview of the imported path should be visible as it is shown below.

After clicking “Import Path” you will be able to edit the Path according to your needs. You can adjust the Path:

  • Overall information
  • Content (add steps and milestones as you wish)
  • Enrollment&Dates
  • Owners, etc.

The mported Path is saved as a draft. If you want it to be visible for your team, you can publish it. 

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