Meet the GDPR within your Organization - How SmarterPath supports you

Modified on: 2018-07-25 09:14:48 +0200

Data security is very important to us and we take this topic seriously. As part of the new provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or DSGVO in German), we want to inform you as a SmarterPath customer how SmarterPath supports you to meet the GDPR within your organization. We rarely save personal data (see below) in SmarterPath as we mostly work with references to existing documents.

General data security of Pokeshot and SmarterPath can be found here

One of your users wants their data sent:

  1. With the next Release: Every user will have an information icon at the bottom right of SmarterPath to contact a SmarterPath admin for his/her personal data.
  2. As an admin you can:
    • Create a report by participant and send it to the user.
    • Create reports for each path they have done to get more details on their specific path records.
    • Create reports for each Survey the user participated in (only in Jive).
  3. We are currently working on a feature that allows users to request their own personal data and records within SmarterPath.

A user wants his/her data deleted (anonymized):

  1. Make sure this user is manually removed from all owned paths and entries within SmarterPath and replaced with another user.
    • Step type: Follow Person / Show Delve Profile
    • Step type: Instructor of Live Trainings
    • Path/Asset/SCORM owner
    • SmarterPath Group owner
    • SmarterPath Group member
  2. In the future we will provide a download list of all owned paths and user entries to make removing and replacing easier for you.
  3. Jive: Under user management (Administration > Manage Users) an admin can change the name and email address of a user to anonymize the users' personal data while also keeping the records in SmarterPath's reports. --> We will implement this feature for Office 365 as well with the next release.

An overview of all stored data can be found below.

Overview of data flows within SmarterPath for Office 365 on a Shared Cloud with SCORM usage:

Overview of dat flows within SmarterPath for Jive on a Shared Cloud with SCORM usage: 

Overview of all stored data:

If you need an overview on the data flows and personal data kept on a dedicated server please contact us at

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