Release 3.2.1 - March 2018

Modified on: 2018-03-19 17:52:03 +0100

Date: March 20, 2018
Time (US Server):
10-12 pm CEST /1-3 am PDT / 4-6 am EDT

Time (EU Server):
6-8 pm CEST / 11am-1pm PDT / 2-4 pm EDT

Important Information
  • On the Release day Pokeshot will send you a new Add-On Package that you need to install on your Jive.
    • NOTE: Updates on the Add-On package were done.
  • Please send Pokeshot your current Jive URL (
    • NOTE: Some features do not work if your Jive URL has changed since the day of installing SmarterPath. So please inform Pokeshot.
Major Improvements
  • Shareable link for a path is available on the "Information" tab.
  • Asset library has changed: only uploaded content can be integrated in the Asset library. The following types are permitted:
    • SCORM
    • Video Upload
    • Office Documents
    • NOTE: This only applies to new uploaded content. Previously-created assets (e.g. Quizzes, Community Content, ...) will remain in the Asset library and cannot be edited anymore, just deleted.
Minor Improvements
  • Uploaded Office content like PDFs are now displayed in the correct size.
Bug Fixes
  • Custom tile "Path list" to promote your Paths can be integrated in Jive groups and spaces
  • Language set to English if any language other than German or French is selected in user's profile
  • Time out error for highly-demanded Paths is fixed
  • Fixed Display issue with dropdown menus that didn´t disappear after leaving the page
  • Creating a venue is fixed
  • Enrollment/Completion dates accurately reflect user's time zone in Reporting

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