Release 3.2 - November 2017

Modified on: 2017-11-09 17:46:09 +0100

Date: Nov 28th 2017
Time (US Server):
10-12 pm CEST /1-3 am PDT / 4-6 am EDT

Time (EU Server):
6-8 pm CEST / 11am-1pm PDT / 2-4 pm EDT

Major Improvements
Include Surveys in your Paths!
  • Create your own Surveys as a Step type (just like a Quiz, Video, Live Training, etc.) with the following input fields available: date picker, single choice and open text field
  • Generate a report with each participant's responses
Minor Improvements
Completion of e-learning modules (SCORM) will be processed by SmarterPath while the participant is working on the Path
  • Requirement: SCORM completion value has to be set within the e-learning module
Bug Fixes
  • Deleting Assets will be working again
  • SmarterPath Admins will automatically also get Creator rights
Next Release: You will once again be able to theme your SmarterPath environment based on your organization's branding.


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