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There's is no doubt that context is a key ingredient to creating a successful learning experience. This is why one of the strengths of SmarterPath is the depth of its connection to your community environment. In addition to providing participants with easy access to training, this connection also provides instructional designers with a context-rich source of digital material.

There are few SmarterPath features that show this community connection better than the app-mention. Simply using the ! (exclamation point) in any Jive content item allows you to embed a direct link to either a Path or a Step. As shown below, you can even choose to include the custom / standard image and the name / description for the path with the embedded link!

The app-mention feature is used by learning professionals to connnect community content with paths and to promote paths within the community. Here's an example of it being used in a Jive group as a "Featured Path:"

The app-mention feature is also used by participants to share paths that they have found helpful (which is a great form of "grassroots"/referral marketing!) Here is an example of it being used within a Jive document:

For additional details on this topic please see or please refer to the Admin and Creator guides.

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