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According to the Association of Talent Development's 2016 State of the Industry Report (page 34) approximately two-thirds of all formal* learning hours were delivered via instructor-led methods (classroom, online and remote).

While this data is based on survey responses and primarily represents US-based companies, it indicates that there is a need to capture in-person learning experiences. These experiences may be part of a larger blended program or they may be part of a strictly classroom-based program. Either way, if you have a training opportunity that is time, date and location-specific SmarterPath has a solution!

Included with all of the other content types when you are adding steps to a path is "Live Training."

Please watch our video and read the information below to know more details about the Blended Learning solution that SmarterPath offers:

And now one more time, step by step:

Within the step - in this case "Orientation Webinars - Nov" - you then add Sessions.

Each session is a separate learning "event," where you can specify location, time and date, etc. In this example a session for a webinar via GoTo Meeting has been created. If other Orientation Webinars were available in November for participants to choose from then additional sessions would be created under this same step. (Participants can only register for one session within a Live Training step.)

Once a participant is enrolled in the path then he/she opens the step and registers for the appropriate session.

From here, the information can be added to a personal calendar and the instructor can manage the roster of participants (attendance, score).

For more information on using SmarterPath, please refer to the Admin and Creator guides.

* - stand-alone learning occurring separately from job activities

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