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Modified on: 2017-11-06 19:49:56 +0100

There are many integration points between SmarterPath and your community. Features like the app-mention or the Enablement Journey or linking a path to a group/space are some of the ways that we embed learning where work is being done.

On the other side of the same coin, we also believe that it is important to embed work where learning is occurring! A path can easily be the "springboard" for further inquiry that leads to colleagues and content that can help you get things done. One example of this is the ability for a participant to ask a question directly from within a path.

The question is then posted as a fully-functional discussion within the linked group/space.

In addition to the path owner(s)/instructor(s), other colleagues/SMEs can respond to the question. Replies can be viewed from within the path or within the group/space.

This is where concepts and ideas combine with the practical, with the reality of the specific challenges and culture of your organization. In other words, the path is immediately connected to the context of a participant's day-to-day work. The answers he/she receives are made that much more valuable because they are directly related to what's actually happening in the workplace.

For more information on using SmarterPath, please refer to the Admin and Creator guides.

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