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You don't need us to tell you that the recruiting process is costly! Once you've hired the right person there are at least two things that you want to accomplish to help generate a return on that investment as soon as possible:

-Ensure that the new team member has access to the information, resources and people needed so that he/she can start applying the expertise he/she was hired for and
-Ensure that the new team member is connected to the organization and its mission and culture, because this sense of belonging right from the start will help you to retain the employee in the long-term.

How can SmarterPath help you with your onboarding process? One way is by using the Enablement Journey. For a Creator, ensuring that a path is visible on a participant's Enablement Journey just requires selecting a single check box setting. Here it is as part of creating a path:

And here it is as part of the enrollment process:

For the participant, their Enablement Journey is located under the Actions menu in the Inbox. It provides them with a list of paths that they have been enrolled in. Paths that have due dates are listed first (in due date order) and paths that do not have due dates are listed next (in enrollment date order). Participants simply click on the path name to access it.

Because there is so much to get up to speed on when you are newly hired, a goal of the Enablement Journey is to minimize the frustration and lost time locating the important orientation paths. As your new employees become more familiar with your community environment they will be introduced to the other ways that they can access paths, such as within groups/spaces.

Another use case for the Enablement Journey is sequential / scaffolded learning opportunities. For example, maybe you have an introductory, intermediate and advanced customer service series that is required for employee in that role. Or maybe you have a leadership development program for supervisors that is organized around a series of topics. Ensuring that these paths are included in the Enablement Journey will make it that much easier for participants to locate these important paths and see the paths that are part of the learning program. (As noted above, the paths do not have to have due dates associated with them and as long as participants are enrolled in path order then the paths will show in order under "Upcoming Paths.")

Regardless of your use case, the Enablement Journey provides participants with two-click access to key learning opportunities.

For more information on using SmarterPath, please refer to the Admin and Creator guides.

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