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Modified on: 2017-11-06 19:40:06 +0100

While adopting online and social learning strategies requires an investment in technology, there are several areas where SmarterPath can help you to generate the needed ROI. One is in administrative overhead to manage the solution, one is in increasing visibility for learning opportunities and the other is in content development. Each of these are the result of its deep integration with your community environment.

For example, user-generated materials such as job aids, blog posts, how-to videos or discussions that team members find helpful to accomplishing their daily tasks can be used to build a path. This approach alone should provide significant cost savings - and be more relevant - when compared with using external development resources.

When it comes to supporting your internal marketing efforts to promote learning opportunities, features such as the app-mention that allow you to embed direct links to paths almost anywhere in your community are invaluable. Another feature - the ability to make a path public or private - is also helpful in managing the visibility of paths. Among other things, public paths are accessible via the Catalog in SmarterPath. If the path allows a participant to self-enroll then he/she is one-click away from being able to open that training - and there's no enrollment workflow that you need to manage!

If, on the other hand, you'd like to ensure that participants can still find the paths they need/want via the Catalog while you maintain some control over the enrollment process, then you can use the setting "Require approval for enrollment." The participant is directed to contact the Creator/Owner and he/she would process the enrollment. (Note: Manager approval is also available but it requires additional configuration in your community environment.)

For more information on using SmarterPath, please refer to the Admin and Creator guides.

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