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One of the reasons why we use "path" and not "course" to label a learning experience is because it implies an on-going journey rather than an event with a beginning and an end. These are of course just words, but for us it's more than semantics, it's a deliberate approach.

One way you can see this approach in action is by incorporating community content - such as a discussion or blog post - in a path. Either by including a call to action within the material itself or by leveraging the comment/reply functions, you can create a dynamic connection between the path and the community - and vice versa. For example, in the screenshot below, a blog that's posted in the community includes a couple of closing questions to invite further interaction with the content and other users.

By opening the content in a new window, the participant is able to contribute his/her ideas in response directly to the blog. He/she is able to do this without having to re-enter the path and with the context of both the path and the community place in mind.

It is also worth noting that this path may be the first time/place that the participant has seen the blog. This is an example of SmarterPath's role in upcycling valuable content from your community. Additionally, as participants respond to the blog post, whether they access it through the Path or the community, they are adding a dynamic and interactive layer to the core content. In other words, subsequent participants in this path will benefit from not only the insights in the original blog, but also from the insights that are added over time by colleagues in the community. And of course, subsequent viewers of this blog post in the community will benefit from the insights added over time by colleagues completing the path.

For more information on the idea of learner as creator please see Learner as Creator - Unlocking Knowledge | Pokeshot GmbH. For more information on upcycling content please see Four steps of content up-cycling | Pokeshot GmbH.

For more information on using SmarterPath, please refer to the Admin and Creator guides.

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