Roadmap 2018

Modified on: 2017-11-02 15:09:37 +0100

Theming SmarterPath individual Theming based on your CI/CD will be working again.
Due Date Consequences We will implement some consequences for due dates set up on a Path like sending reminders and specific actions after a due date has passed.
Redesign HOME site The current sidebar will be eliminated and replaced with one HOME page with all relevant information for participants.
Report on multiple Paths
Get one report on multiple Paths.

Bunchball integration
If you are using Bunchball as gamification in Jive you will be able to award your users with badges based on Path completion. SmarterPath is already integrated in Jive Rewards.

Prerequisites of Paths

Paths that are build on one another will have an automated process for accessing. Meaning when Participants completed Path A successfully he/she will be able to enroll in Path B.

Update quiz options

Additional Quiz option "Matching" and improvements on current options.

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