Release 0.9 - October 2017

Modified on: 2018-04-09 10:49:38 +0200

Date: Oct 2017
Main features
SmarterPath core functionalities
  • create and enroll in knowledge Paths with various content formats 
  • manage additional live training sessions that are taking place outside of SmarterPath
  • report on Paths taken by participants in your Office 365 community
  • earn achievement certificates for each completed Path
Integrate different content types (as a Step in a Path)
  • External content: Websites, Blogs
  • Quiz: build your own assessments
  • Live Training: manage additional online and offline sessions
  • SharePoint content: reuse existing material stored in SharePoint
  • Stream Video: add from your Stream library
  • YouTube Video: add any video
  • Delve User Profile: present a person with his/her Delve profile
  • Follow Site: participant should follow a SharePoint site
  • Join Team: participant should join a Team in Microsoft Teams

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