Release 3.1.1 - August 2017

Modified on: 2017-11-07 13:53:07 +0100


Date: August 22nd 2017
Time (US Server):
12-2PM CET | 3-5AM PDT | 6-8AM EDT
Time (EU Server):
6-8PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 12-2PM EDT
Major Improvements

It´s about the Path and not the Course!

We will update the keywords used in SmarterPath. Read here (Link Blogpost) for more information on this important change.

Important Information!
Minor Improvements
  • If you deactivate users in Jive they will automatically be deactivated in SmarterPath as well.
Bug Fixes
  • Users who have never opened SmarterPath will no longer see the page "Access denied" when first opening SmarterPath.
  • SCORM settings are accessable again
  • Fixed resize issue when integrating a step "Follow a place" with a place image that is too big
  • The custome tile view is working again

Next Release Forecast: Due to some maintanance updates we will release SmarterPath 3.2 in November. It´s a suprise what we have for you.

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