Release 3.1 - June 2017

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Date: June 27th 2017
Time (US Server):
12-2PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 6-8AM EDT

Time (EU Server):
6-8PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 12-2PM EDT
Major Improvements
  • New Licensing concept:
    • As your licensed end date approaches, your SmarterPath admins will get automated notifications via email.
    • When your licensed number of users is reached each additional user will not be able to open SmarterPath.
    • You can activate/deactivate users in the "Manage Users" menu. Only activated users count towards your licensed number of users. Deactivated users will not be able to open SmarterPath.
  • A custom course icon can be uploaded for each course. This icon is visible throughout SmarterPath/Jive (e.g. Achievement, App-mention, etc.)
  • Advanced Analytics: In the reporting section we added the second part of the overall SmarterPath analytics in your community, e.g. your top 3 courses, most active weekday. More to come in future releases.
Minor Improvements
  • Design updates to the mobile view for learners
  • Report by course: The report preview will only show a list of max. 100 learners. The full report is downloadable as a CSV file.
  • Enablement Path is divided into two sections: upcoming courses and upcoming due date courses
  • Notifications:
    • Notifications will be sent out in recipients language
    • ILT notifications: Enrolled learners will get a notification when the course creator edits or deletes an ILT session
    • Course completion notification: Learners will get a notification after they complete a course.
Bug Fixes


Next Release Forecast July/August 2017:

  • The next release will be a maintenance releasen whcih includes bugfixing and some hidden improvements. 

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