Adjust Jive Theme for SmarterPath

Modified on: 2017-08-25 12:25:33 +0200

In order for the SmarterPath Design to perfectly fit into your Jive community we have a couple of tipps for you.

1. Theming in SmarterPath | NOTE: Currently not working until 3.2 Release

  • Adjust the colors in SmarterPath to your corporate design.
  • Choose the same background color in SmarterPath that you have in your Jive community.
  • NOTE: If your Jive background is white then choose another SmarterPath background color, otherwise the white modules will be in no contrast. You can therefore use a light grey or any light version of your corporate color.

Administration > Settings > Theming

2. Adjust Theming in Jive 

Add-Ons in Jive come with general design elements for Add-Ons:

  • grey iFrame around the Add-On
  • while loading an Add-On the background color will appear in white until the Add-On is loaded
  • rounded corners in the embedded views (Enablement Journey, Path table on profile, ...)

These standards can be changed in Jive to fully enjoy the SmarterPath design. Here are the steps on how:

NOTE: These changes on the theme will be used by all installed Add-Ons on your Jive instance.

1. Admin Console > System > Settings > Themes

2. Edit your currently used Theme on the right (below Actions) - If you don´t have a Theme create one with a name and description.

3. Look for the template /soy/template/ and adjust your existing one OR create one.

3a. You already have the Customer Template: click edit on the right > add line 7-30 of the attached file right before {/template} 

3b. You don´t have the Custom Template yet: Choose /soy/template/ > Create new Template > add all lines (line 1-31) of the attached file

4. Change the background color code in line 14 to your Jive community background color.

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