Release 2.2 - April 2017

Modified on: 2017-04-03 17:46:07 +0200

General Date: March 30th 2017
Time (US Server):
12-2PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 6-8AM EDT

Time (EU Server):
6-8PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 12-2PM EDT

Major Improvements
  • Jive Search integration: in your general Jive search you can now include SmarterPath courses. Users can search for the following fields:
    • Course name
    • Course description
    • Course tags
    • ATTENTION: If you want this feature we need to update your Add-On package. Please contact and she will send it to you.
  • Update Jive user data in SmarterPath: when a user's name, primary email address or department changes it will automatically be changed in SmarterPath
  • Reporting updates:
    • Save individual reports
    • Creators can only generate reports of his/her courses; no reports by learner will be available
Minor Improvements
  • Asset table also lists the format of the content item
  • All SmarterPath users only have one user role (User, Creator, Administrator) - each role contains rights of the previous
  • Validation of uploaded asset formats
Bug Fixes
  • Delete assets that are not linked to any courses
  • Instructor view: session start date is corrected
  • Rewards get properly sent again - please deactivate and activate your rewards in SmarterPath
     (Administration > Rewards > "Settings wheel" > Deactivate > ok > Activate > ok)
  • Firefox issue: 
    • Deleting lessons is fixed
    • User interface for lesson status in learner view is fixed
  • Internet Explorer issue:
    • Typing text in asset fields is functional again

Next Release Forecast End of April:

  • SmarterPath gets redesigned. The upcoming 3.0 Release will include a whole new look and feel. We look forward to surprising you with some new user interface features :-) 
  • The "old Reporting" tab in the reporting section will be removed

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