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Modified on: 2017-08-30 13:12:36 +0200

Finding Paths can be integrated in your general Jive Search. This feature is another example of how deeply embedded SmarterPath can be in your Jive community, further enabling social learning to become part of your users' daily work and processes. The combined search also helps trainers to better promote their courses and increase the visibility of important learning opportunities.

Users will locate the Paths easily when typing keywords in the Jive Search field. They can search for the following fields:

  • Path name
  • Path description
  • Path tags

  1. Create a new group or space that will only be used for this purpose.
    1. The group has to be public, in order for all community members to find the Paths. The group can be private if you only want members of that group to find the Paths.
    2. The space has to have the permission level "View" for the permission group "All registered users" in order for all community members to find the Paths. The space can be only viewable for a certain permission group if you only want certain people to find the Paths.

  2. As an administrator of the space or group you will be able to add an activity tile/stream integration into this group/space.
    1. The name of this tile is "Path Search"
    2. If you have integrated this tile once within your community it cannot be integrated again. (This makes sure that all Paths will only be found once within your Jive search)
    3. Once the tile has been added users will be able to see Paths in their Jive search results. Clicking on the search result will open a Jive external content item. From here, users have access to the Path itself as well as the full functionality of the SmarterPath add-on.

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