Release 2.1 - February 2017

Modified on: 2017-02-14 16:30:35 +0100


Date: February 21st 2017

Time (US Server):
12-2PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 6-8AM EDT

Time (EU Server):
6-8PM CET | 9-11AM PDT | 12-2PM EDT

Major Improvements
  • Reporting: Export to .csv file
  • SmarterPath available in French (changes with Jive prefered language)
  • SCORM lessons:
    • When uploading a SCORM asset you can enter a time when the user will be able to mark this lesson as completed.
    • NOTE: This is an iterim solution. Goal for the next release is to read the completion status from the SCORM which not all SCORMs have. We are still evaluating on the best option for all available SCORMs from all our customers.
  • Course Calendar improvements: It shows
    • a learners enrolled courses with due dates
    • a learners enrolled ILT sessions
    • public courses with fixed due dates
    • links to the courses
    • options to download calendar entry
Minor Improvements
  • "Learner must complete lessons in order" is now checked per default when creating a course
  • Send notification to the person who is made an instructor
  • Validation for all ILT sessions
    • It is not possible to enter two session at the same time in the same venue
  • Mobile view improvements
  • Bigger text field for course description¬†
Bug Fixes
  • Resize issues when creating a course is fixed
  • App-mentioning the lesson type Community Actions shows up properly
  • Rewards get sent again
  • Integrate YouTube links as Video Asset fixed
  • Community Content "discussion" will be visible in learners view properly

Next Release Forecast: Jive Search integration

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