Release Notes December 2016

Modified on: 2016-12-19 09:47:12 +0100

Reason: Bug fixes and Improvements





Date: December 20th 2016

Time: 12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

Major Improvements
  • Major improvements in the learner's course view:
    • Minor adjustments to look and feel
    • Different rules for a learner to mark a specific lesson as completed:
      • Community Content Video, Idea, Event, Poll: click "Open content in new window"
      • Community Action (Follow Place or Person): when learner actually follows place or person
      • External Content: click "Next" button for https websites and "Open in new window" for other websites
      • YouTube and uploaded Videos: click on play
      • Office Document: click on a slide
  • Option to require the learner to complete lessons in order
    • Enable a checkbox while creating a course if learners must complete lessons in the given order
Minor Improvements
  • The exam percentage score is now visible in reporting
  • Improvement of the Mobile view
  • Reorder Quiz questions with drag & drop
  • Lesson view of Community Content is scrollable
  • ILT sessions
    • Learner can cancel an ILT session after enrolling
    • Session details for learners show the Instructor with Profile link and the timezone if set
  • New Permission concept of app mentioning a course or a lesson:
    • Only lessons from public courses can be app-mentioned depending on role
    • Only public courses can be app-mentioned depending on role
Bug Fixes
  • Links provided in the inbox notifications related to SmarterPath courses are working again
  • Changing course owner fixed
  • Reporting: Wrong dates for completed ILTs fixed
  • When clicking through "slides" of an uploaded Office Document the page does not expand anymore

Next Release Forecast February 2017:

  • Reporting export to excel

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