Release Notes October 2016

Modified on: 2016-11-10 13:43:00 +0100

Reason: Bug fixes and Improvements





Date: October 20th 2016

Time: 12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

Bug Fixes
  • ILT date picker fixed (AM and PM time mix-up)
  • Refreshing the count to completion works correctly
  • Dublicated table in Reporting is fixed
  • Putting in exam points for each question saves correctly now
  • Duplicate "Next" button after completing an exam is removed
  • Rewards can be deleted
  • Replaced SmarterPath icon with a link to the course when creating a discussion in a course
  • Changing the order of a lesson now also affects the displayed order in the app-mentioning window
Minor Improvements
  • Exams:
    • See progress of exam while taking it
    • Final results of exam visible to learner at the end of each exam
    • Exam score integrated in reports by learner and by course
  • notification is sent to the course owner or manager if a learner withdraws from a course when:
    • the course requires the owner/managers approval to enroll
    • the course is not open for self-enrollment
  • Achievements:
    • Include learner's name and avatar on each course achievement
    • Printable for learners and therefore possible to save as PDF
    • Prompt added to "Your Achievements" page that directs user to Course Catalog (when no courses have been completed)
  • Scrollable content frame for "Community Content" lesson type (when it´s a long document)
  • Delete someone from the enrollments
  • Banner message when deleting an asset that is integrated in a course
Major Improvements
  • New create and edit mode in the manage course section
  • The latest 5 discussions as well as the latest 5 responses will be visible below a course for all newly-created discussions if:
    • the course is linked to a place in Jive
    • the automatically created tag on the discussion doesn´t get deleted

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