Modified on: 2018-10-31 15:50:11 +0100

What are the content/upload size limit and total limit for hosting?

2 GB for individual files, no hard limit for overall storage. Each customer has 1 terabyte of storage by default.

Where are your servers located, and what is the uptime percentage?

Data is kept in Microsoft Azure storage (USA or Amsterdam). Uptime is 99.6%, including planned downtime.

Where does the content live?

All Jive content stays in Jive. Videos, SCORM content, and Office files are stored in Microsoft Azure (USA or Europe).

What happens with SCORM content based on Flash?

Many browsers will no longer support Flash in the future. Please make sure you convert your SCORMs based on Flash into another format (like HTML5). As long as flash will be supported, check that your browser is not blocking Flash (Chrome --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Content Settings --> Flash --> Enabled and "Ask First" is disabled).

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