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How does SmarterPath count a user?

If the user opened the Add-On SmarterPath once or if a user gets assigned to a Path.

Do users have a separate SmarterPath account?

No, they use their Jive account.

Can you have a separate account from Jive in order to access SmarterPath?

No, not currently.

Can external users use SmarterPath?

Yes, they can enroll in Paths, but by default you can't assign a Path to an external user. First enable that function:

  1. Click your Jive profile dropdown menu > Add-Ons.
  2. Click the Actions gear at the end of the SmarterPath row, and choose Enable for External Contributors, then click Continue.

Are there limits on functionality for external users?

External users have full access to all content within any group they have joined. But you cannot assign a Path to them and select them as an owner or instructor.

Can you assign Paths to someone who hasn't launched SmarterPath yet?

If they exist in Jive, you can select the user (not external contributors). If the user doesn't yet exist in Jive, first create the new user in the Admin Console > People tab > Create User. Select "External contributor" for User Type if it's a one-off Path. If you choose "Standard User" it is still possible to restrict access. NOTE: You can change an external contributor to a standard user but not the other way around.

Can SmarterPath be configured to match a Jive site's theme?

Yes, you can match SmarterPath's headers, links, buttons, and text to your site's colors. See how to here.

Do you have a detailed Admin Guide?

Sure. If you are a customer and haven´t gotten the Admin Guide please contact our Support Team and they will send it to you.

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