Release Notes March 2016

Modified on: 2016-10-13 14:20:28 +0200


Date: 04 March 2016

Time:  12 am - 1 pm CET / 3-4 am PDT / 6-7 am EDT

Bug Fixes
  • 504 error message
    • Intermittent message displayed after disconnecting to a server.
Major Improvements ILT (Instructor Led Training)
  • New notifications. These are received by learners when:
    • Enrolled in an ILT Session
    • Moving from registered to the waitlist (and vice versa)
    • Enrollment has been cancelled
    • Passing/failing a session
  • New notification. These are received by instructors when:
    • Assigned to a session
  • Course rosters can now be printed or downloaded as PDF or Excel
  • New report: Adminstrators can get a report of all attendees of an ILT class
  • The timezone will now be picked automatically when creating an ILT session
  • The ILT class completion score will be updated after the instructor sets the course as "passed"
Jive Tile
  • A Jive Tile for SmarterPath is now available to show a group's course catalog
New video player
  • Implementation of a new video player based on HTML5
Refresh !-mention lessons and courses
  • The mobile view of lessons integrated via !-mention has been improved
Editor for exam questions
  • A WYSIWYG Editor can now be used to format exam questions
System remembers lesson completion
  • If a user withdraws from a training and later enrolls again, the status is saved (completion score)
  • If a user enrolls in a training that contains a lesson already completed in another training, the system knows the user has already done this lesson
Next Release Forecas

May 2016:

  • SmarterPath will be available in multiple languages (German, Russian/Later: Spanish)

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