Release Notes May 2016

Modified on: 2016-10-13 14:17:38 +0200


Date: May 20th 2016

Time:  12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

Bug Fixes
  • Asset list refreshes automatically after creating a new asset
  • German wording of new language feature
Minor Improvements
  • New Windows pop up in your visible screen
  • Removed "Next" button when you are on the last lesson
  • Improvement of all tables in SmarterPath
Major Improvements Notifications from SmarterPath in Jive
  • learner gets notified when enrolling in a course
  • learner gets notified when he/she get´s a course assigned
  • manager/owner gets notified when a learner asks for enrolling in a course (Approval Request page)
  • learner gets notified when asking for enrolling in a course is approved or rejected
  • person gets notified when he/she gets assigned as an owner of a course
Next Release Forecast

June 2016:

  • edit ILT lessons

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