Release Notes August 2016

Modified on: 2016-10-13 13:27:13 +0200


Date: August 15th 2016

Time:  12-2 pm CEST / 3-5 am PDT / 6-8 am EDT

Bug Fixes
  • Notification links:
    • Since the last Jive cloud update, the links in the notifications are not working anymore. That means SmarterPath cannot send links to the courses. Jive knows about the problem and we are hoping they will fix it with the next release.
  • Your Achievements:
    • After completing a course it sent out a various number of achievements. This fixed now in the Achievement page as well as in the Enablement Path.
  • ILT window now expands as you add more sessions.
Minor Improvements
  • Assign courses:
    • assign courses not only to social groups but also to followers of a space
    • Informing all community members about a new course through Jive Announcements
  • Performance improvements
  • Consistant loading indicator
  • Small wording changes
  • Pop up windows open in the center of your browser window
  • Adjusted date and time formats in tables
  • Remove "Mark as complete" button from all lessons except SCORM content
Major Improvements
  • Jive Rewards integration
    • Award your learners with Quests for undertaking courses. If you are using Jive Rewards enable the Rewards integration under SmarterPath Administration > Settings > Features. A new tab will then be created under Administration.
  • New Reporting section
    • Create your individual reports based on learners or courses. Please try it out and tell us what you think. We are more than happy to improve the Reporting. While improving the Reporting you will still find the old Reporting function .
Next release forecast
  • Improve create and edit courses
  • Improve new Reporting section
  • new licensing concept

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